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I’m a writer on a journey to traditionally publish a novel. Sounds simple, right? Wrong. The waters of traditional publishing are as muddy as the swamps behind my house. I share my attempt to navigate these waters on my weekly blog, Work in Progress–it’s all about querying literary agents, traditional publishing, and raising teenage daughters (my other work in progress!) Check out my About page to find out more about me or my Books page to find out more about the projects I’m working on. 


Work in Progress

Ebb and Flow

Posted May 2 2018

Writers know all about the ebb and flow of words. But unlike the ocean, word ebb and flow is not quite as predictable. Sometimes the tide is out for longer than it should be. The little crabs peek up to see what’s happened. The baby sea turtles search for water that isn’t there. And the writers stare at their screens wondering when the next wave will hit. They study the blinking cursor and think, surely the tide will roll in soon. Right?

Of course it will. But bear with me while I’m waiting for my ebb to…ebb, for publisher feedback on my first novel, for my first born’s high school graduation. My blog, like the tide, will eventually come back! 




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