Dear Daughters

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This time of year seems to get a little crazy. I think May is the new December. We’re all running around purchasing Mother’s Day gifts, graduation gifts, going to end of the year programs, trying to keep our kids from spinning out of control as they count down their final school days. It’s all quite distracting. As I try to edit my second book, my thoughts keep floating back to my teenage daughters. Especially as they jump one step closer to leaving for college.

A couple of months ago we took both girls to look at colleges 1400 miles from our home. On every lovely campus, I said, “OK, really picture yourself here. This far away.” And by the third campus, I realized I was actually talking to myself. It was me who had to picture it. It was me who had to put it in perspective. And that put a small stone in my stomach.

I think of my blog post, 3 Lessons I Learned as a Montessori Mom, from two weeks ago and laugh, picturing my oldest clinging to my leg as I tried to leave her at kindergarten. Now the reverse is happening. Both girls may end up at schools down the road, but no matter their physical proximity to me, I still have to release my grip. They can’t fly with me hanging onto their feet! 

So I wrote a little something to tuck away for them when that day comes. I know I’ll edit it (God knows I’ll edit it) and I know I’ll add to it, but here goes:

Dear Daughters,
Believe. In yourself. In others. Believe anything is possible. Believe in the laws of attraction. Believe you can walk out onto the tightrope of life and grab what you want. It’s there for those who see it and are brave enough to reach for it.
Speak up. Be heard. Listen.
Be positive. Be scared. Be vulnerable. Be thankful.
Be kind – to yourself, to your body. You only get one turn on this planet. Make it memorable. Set off fireworks. Celebrate yourself. Love. Yourself. Laugh. At yourself.  
Laugh with friends. Play games. Win. Lose.  
Color outside of the lines. Fail a test. Say no. Say yes. Be wrong. Make mistakes. Learn from them and move on.
The world will keep revolving, sometimes trying to tell you you don’t fit its mold. Good.
Head high. Shoulders back. Teflon on. Life is not, nor should it be, a cake walk. When difficulty rears its head, welcome it. Know it will make you stronger. It will push you to problem solve. Know that’s your cue to shine. And shine. And shine you will.
Look in the mirror. Every. Single. Day. And, even when it feels impossible, find a way to be content. With the young woman staring back at you.

ps – I promise to do the same


And the writing journey continues…








4 responses to “Dear Daughters”

  1. Linda Thompson says:

    Real life advice, so well put- only from a Mother’s heart!
    Will send to some of my friends.

  2. Thank you for sharing, Linda! I hope I get to see you soon!

  3. Amy Talley says:

    I think this can go for boys, too, right? As I face this in a few months, I feel the same inclination to hang on and not let go. It’s so damn hard not to feel panicky. What if I haven’t told him something, what if he doesn’t’ make the right choice, what if, what if. Thing is, our lives are filled with what if every single moment. That is the human condition.

    It’s too hard to be profound this early. But I heart this post!

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