Dream A Little Big Dream

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Today I want to ponder dreams. Not the ones where you walk into a public place naked or show up for your final exam and realize you haven’t been to class all year. I mean the big dreams. The life dreams.

One of my favorite quotes is:

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.” 

I was talking with my sister on vacation last week, and we veered onto the topic of college since I have a child on the verge of going to college. I started reminiscing about my college experience and wishing for something different…I wish I’d chosen a major centered around writing. I wish I’d gotten an MFA (Master of Fine Arts). I wish I’d set goals and chased dreams. But I didn’t. I knew things I liked to do, but I didn’t consider how those things could become a dream. It baffles me how complacent I was to let the ships sail by. I’m not pointing fingers or assigning blame, I’m simply owning it.



Now that I’m older, I know when the dream ship shows up, you damn well better claw your way to the end of the dock and jump on.




Writing books and publishing those books are my dream ships now. And I’m working to keep my focus but…sometimes I do allow myself to, well, dream. I wonder if maybe there aren’t more dreams out there. More ships to climb aboard. When you don’t set goals early in life, I’m finding you tend to get “goal ADD” later in life. The “what ifs” start marching in.

So much to do, so little time!

One of those what if’s occurred to me a few weeks ago when I visited the local Barnes and Noble. It was a Tuesday. Paula Hawkins’ book Into the Water had been released that day. I walked back to the customer service counter (I use that term lightly!) and asked a woman where I could find the book since it wasn’t on the front display.

First, she had to look up who Paula Hawkins was. What?! Next, she had no idea Hawkins had a book being released that day. Double what?! Then she says, “Oh, I found it. Yeah, looks like we ordered it and it’s supposed to be here. But we don’t have it.” I waited a beat, then I slapped her. Okay, I didn’t do that. But I did stomp out to my car and promptly order Into the Water on my Kindle in the parking lot.

That encounter got me thinking. My city doesn’t have an independent book store. A place where booksellers know more about books than puzzles and fidget spinners and the latest lego set. (Yes, this is a mini-rant.) A place with the knowledge of a library, the comfort of a living room, and the ability to dedicate a wall to books by local authors. I know book stores are morphing into the new dinosaurs but what if…I would love to open one, run it, smell books all day, talk about books all day (that’s assuming the customers buy printed books instead of downloading them to their Kindles in the Barnes and Noble parking lot🙄).

Aahhh…but a girl can dream. 

So what about you? Did you have dreams growing up? Did you make them come true? Did you decide on a different dream? Are you dreaming now? I’m curious! How’d it turn it out?




7 responses to “Dream A Little Big Dream”

  1. Victoria Calder says:

    The “Wild Detectives” bookstore in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas fits the bill as a magical, inspiring, bookstore that serves as a community gathering place for book readings and awesome events.
    In retirement, it is awesome to pursue with gusto the dream of writing, painting, making music, and of dreaming for the sake of dreaming– its own joyful pursuit.

  2. Hear Hear, Victoria!!
    And I LOVE the Wild Detectives! I’ve been there once and I follow them on Instagram and always wish I was there again. Would also love to get there for Will Clarke’s book signing!
    My other favorite independent is Sundog Books in Seaside. I could seriously live in that book store.

  3. Loved this! I surfed and snowboarded without considering my future, then it crept up on me. I’m playing catchup too. Open the bookstore. Write books. If it’s what you want and you have the means, do it.

  4. Liz Talley says:

    Do it! I’ll come work for you! We’ll have a good coffee shop, a romance section (cause we ain’t ashamed!) and snarky bookmarks. Maybe a ginger cat who sits on the walk. Hey, I’m dreaming about working at your bookstore! We can sell local art. I mean, you. You can sell local art.

    Ooh, Fox Creek Books! I can see it now. Little foxes on the bags! I know who can make your sustainable bags 🙂


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