Spring Crazy

Posted Apr 11 2018, 7:11 am

When you have children in school, the lovely blooms of spring mean one thing, chaos. The end of the school year is coming!

Spring crazy is starting to hit at my house. I say every year I’m going to be ready. I’m going to be calm. Then, right after spring break, I start to hear a distant rumble behind me. The ground shakes. And I turn to see a giant ball of last minute responsibilities careening toward me. 

It’s like I live in a movie and the people watching keep hitting fast forward and making me…well, crazy. There are tests, proms, summer planning. There are programs, award ceremonies, and more tests. And if you have one graduating, you’d better really hold onto your hat. You can add paying fees, filling out forms, buying XL twin sheets, getting immunizations, filling out more forms, finding the right room organizers, and frantically worrying about how small those dorm “closets” are and how your daughter will ever pack accordingly. You have to write letters to your senior and watch her while on vacation as she sits alone on the beach looking for shells and physically restrain yourself from running to her and grabbing her as reality hits. It’s tough.

April and May are blurry, hot messes. I work hard to “be here now” but during this time of year the days are gone before I even realize they started. It hard to be in the moment and enjoy those beautiful azalea blooms when all I can focus on is the date the application for dorm housing opens. 

Speaking from a mother’s point of view, we’ve trained our whole lives for spring crazy. We’re expert jugglers. Yet when one of our children is about to fly from the nest, it’s like someone tossed a flaming chainsaw into the juggling mix. Everything is amped up, including nerves…hers and mine. Some days I think the pressure in my home is so great that if I open a door a whoosh of air will escape, and take me with it. Time to focus on all those breathing techniques I’ve learned in yoga. Egads – time to start making lists again.

A few years ago I stopped making lists. Sticky notes were taking over my world. I realized this when I found one that said “pack” before I was going on a trip. Was I really going to forget to pack? Anyway, it might be time to yank those sticky notes out of my junk drawer. 

I feel like an untethered balloon, and it’s tornado season! But instead of flinging around telephone poles and cars and livestock, the End-of-Year Spring Crazy tornado flings around forms and deadlines and stressed out teens. I’ve got to figure out a way to step outside of the whirlwind. Let it scoot on by without me. 

What do you do this time of year to keep yourself from heading to the nearest bar?





5 responses to “Spring Crazy”

  1. Raegan Comeaux says:

    Preparing for your child to leave is a feeling I never understood and now a feeling I will never forget. Thinking of all of you. ❤️

    • Linda thompson says:

      I do remember those days, nothing changes too
      much, even though it was 25 yrs ago when Laura n
      Scott went off to UT!! Still remember tears n feeling
      empty. Jennifer, loved your remark about sticky notes,
      just reassuring to have them in sight

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