The Power of Perspective

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Perspective is a tricky little thing…in life and in writing. The archaic definition is “an optical glass.” And for writers that optical glass can be a critique partner or beta reader or brutally honest friend. In life, it can be a hurricane. The other day I picked up my newly fluffed and puffed doggie and […]



3 Questions for agent Kristy Hunter

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I’ve mention this local conference several times and here I am mentioning it again. The NOLA Written in the Stars Writers Conference. At this year’s conference, I had the pleasure of meeting and pitching my novel to Kristy Hunter, submissions coordinator and associate agent at The Knight Agency. Pitching, for those who don’t know, is when […]


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Manuscript Perfection vs. Good Enough

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Rumor has it Leonardo Da Vinci was still painting on the Mona Lisa when he died, and Kathryn Stockett was editing pages of The Help while in labor. I listened to Chitra Divakaruni, author of Oleander Girl, say she edits pages from her published books even as she reads them aloud to an audience. I get it. […]