Summertime Vicious Circle

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Today is officially the first day of summer. I always have big plans for summer. I plan to get everything done that didn’t get done during the school year. My plans this summer include (in no particular order): finish the second draft of my second book clean out my home office write a short story dust […]


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Writing and Querying and Publishing, oh my

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What the hell am I doing?  That about sums up how I feel after only three months of querying literary agents. This is definitely not a good sign. Somehow I’m both tenacious and impatient! Anyway, here are the stats so far: I’ve sent out about 65 queries. I’ve gotten plenty of no’s and, thankfully, several […]



Saddle Up

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Today’s blog is a tale of three falls. Seems appropriate since I’m at a point in my writing journey (querying agents) where I may very well fall again. But horses have taught me, falling is only one part of the story. My sister and I grew up on the backs of old Quarter horses. We rode […]