The Power of Perspective

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Perspective is a tricky little thing…in life and in writing. The archaic definition is “an optical glass.” And for writers that optical glass can be a critique partner or beta reader or brutally honest friend. In life, it can be a hurricane.

The other day I picked up my newly fluffed and puffed doggie and discovered her groomer cut the fur on her ears. They’ve never done that. She’s always had these lovely, long, white fluffy ears and now her fur is butchered. The groomer cut her ears like a three-year-old cuts bangs. Atrocious. Awful. Inexcuseable.

Did I mention this was the same day Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast?

Yeah, perspective. Let’s all just take a step back and realize the length of our dog’s ears may not be as important as we think it is.

As I watched the footage of the people along the coasts of Texas and Louisiana, my heart broke. And now as I’m watching Floridians weather Irma, I’m reminded once again to keep the minor irritations in my world in perspective. 

Speaking of minor irritations…

As summer ended and agents came back to work, I was anxious to check in on my queries to see if I’d gotten any responses after Labor Day. Boy did I. Three rejections in one day. Okay. Not exactly what I was looking for, but I  still have several queries out and three full manuscripts out with agents–one of whom has had my manuscript since February! Remember my blog post on the iceberg-pace of traditional publishing? Yeah. So I sent that agent a gentle “nudge” to check in and see how her progress was going. I’ll nudge the others in about a month. We’ll see. In the meantime, I’m sending more queries out this week. Why not? After all, a rejection from an agent is not ten feet of water in my home. It’s not hundred-mile-an-hour winds destroying my town. It’s just a no. 

So thank you Mother Nature for hoisting that optical glass in front of my eyes these past few weeks. It’s reminded me to be thankful and take things (like my dog’s pixie-cut ears) in stride.

But seriously Mother Nature, we got it. We’re good. You can stop now!

And the writing journey continues…





3 responses to “The Power of Perspective”

  1. Raegan Comeaux says:

    Good one for me today. Thank you.

  2. Nadine Boyd says:

    So very important to remember! And we all need little reminders from time to time, right? Thanks for your post and gentle reminder.

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