About the Book

Set in the swamps of Louisiana, TRAPPED is the story of Jessie McCormick, a troubled woman who discovers the hard way you can’t out run your past.

The night of her wedding, Jessie tried to kill herself—at least that’s what everyone thinks. But Jessie believes someone chased her that night and forced her into the path of that oncoming train. When Jessie’s family attempts to have her committed, she flees her hospital room with Lucinda, a personal care aide and trusted friend.

Hiding deep in a Louisiana swamp, Jessie soon realizes she may not be as safe at Lucinda’s cabin as she thought. Windows are nailed shut, familiar songs play in the woods, and pages from her favorite childhood book keep turning up. Worst of all, she is starting to remember a night with a boy fifteen years ago. A night that brings with it the smell of smoke and the sound of screams.

Jessie’s fear increases as her links to the outside world are severed: no phone, no car, no boat. When Lucinda’s dog shows up with a gash over his eye, and Lucinda shows up a few nights later with a similar injury, Jessie has had enough.

Even though she is still hindered by the injuries from her accident, Jessie is determined to find a way out. Then Lucinda disappears.

Jessie’s only hope for escape lies in a dilapidated shack in the woods. A place where she will be forced to decide if she has the strength to keep running or the courage to finally stop.